Watch the Video - "How to Use Sellbyradio" is the gateway for anyone with a computer to advertise on participating broadcast or streaming Media

Advertisers, produce and voice your own message in our built-in Studio or upload a prerecorded advertisement for broadcast on your preferred Media.

Order your 15,30,45 or 60 second Ad Spot here. Then start selling directly to your targeted market, all at a price you can afford on will help thousands of Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) and individuals, for the first time, to affordable utilize electronic Media advertising to achieve their sales and promotional goals. 

Using the latest communications technologies, at very low cost, SME's are able to "SellbyRadio" their goods and services to their targeted market area or community. Watch the "How to Sellbyradio" Video then produce your Ad Spot NOW! on

New! Professional Licensed Users

You have Voice Over skills or are an experienced sales executive, you have a great voice, a laptop and need to establish or expand your own business!

Start your own Advertising Sales Agency today using the Sellbyradio Ad Spot Sales and Production Engine.

As a Professional Licensed User (PLU) you can:-

• Sell Ad Spots on Broadcast or Streaming Media.

• 100% online • Built in recording studio for the production of timed advertising messages.

• Built-in Media selection and broadcast Dates and Dayparts

• Built-in Generation of insertion Orders to Media by email

• Built-in Billing and Credit Card processing

• Built-in immediate payment distribution

• Built-in control panels for all users

• Incomparable access to Small business Advertisers.

• One time license fee

• Be your own boss!

• No limit on income.

• Sell anywhere to any new Advertisers and keep your Clients, competition free.

• The propriety software and your internet connected Laptop with USB     Headset is all you need to produce business.

• Sign up Broadcast or Streaming Media to the system for more income opportunities.

• No collections problems.

• Instant payment with each sale.

• Generated Leads are passed on to nearest PLU operating in lead area.

• Ideal for experienced radio advertising sales person wishing to cash in on own knowledge and client list.

• Find out more about our Professional Licensed User opportunity.

Broadcast and Streaming Media are now able to-

Easily control through their Admin Panel - what rates - which time slots - how many minutes - you decide.

Win for you- Win for new small advertisers- Win for listeners!

Go to -Click on "Contact Us" select "Radio Station"setup your Media's account then let your Media be the market place for your community.

Come aboard and SellByRadio NOW!

Listen to sellbyradio's streaming player for more news, special offers, how to presentations, promo spots from our participating Stations and most importantly; Ad Spots from our advertisers.

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